The 24CCTV

At 24CCTV, your security is our only goal. If you don't feel
more secure when we're finished, we’ll work to make it right.

our promise

Your security matters.

24 CCTV strives to help you protect the places that matter most to you. We take pride in knowing every system is installed correctly and customized for your home or business at no additional cost to you. If you’re not feeling more secure with the service you booked and paid for, we’ll work with you directly at no extra charge to ensure things are right.

What sets our professional installation
apart from the competition?

Once we begin working on any CCTV installation, we work around your
schedule and offer flexible installation times. We handle every step of the
installation giving you a completely hands-off experience. Our technicians test
every device, hide every wire, and make sure equipment doesn't look out of
place. But thats not all. Here are a few more reasons why people choose
24 CCTV:

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Trained and Qualified Technicians

We take the guesswork out of your setup. Our technicians explain the process and confirm the optimal placement of every device on your property. They are always an IQ Certified, local Three Factor Security employee. No subcontractors here.

In-Person Support and Guidance

Our experts walk you through your new security system step by step. They’ll answer every question, help setup smart rules and automation, and leave you confident and ready to protect your home or business.

100% Secure, from End-to-End

The protection and security of your property is important. We take pride in knowing every system and camera are installed securely, from the wiring, to the cameras, to the software — all customized for your property.


Around the Clock Customer Service

For over 10 years, Three Factor Security’s 5-Star customer care center has served customers from our headquarters in Los Angeles. The Three Factor team of experts are here when you need us most.

One-Year, No Cost Warranty

We're so confident in our installation, we offer a 1 year guarantee on all parts and labor, exclusive to our customers. Many of our clients choose to go with our extended warranty, which includes replacement parts and installation for wear-and-tear, malfunctions and more.

Full Inside and Outside Protection

We don’t send a box of generic equipment to you. Our experts help you customize a complete inside and outside solution, including indoor and outdoor cameras, integrating with smart home devices, and security essentials.

If you don’t feel more secure when we’re finished, we’ll work to make it right.

We’re always around to answer questions